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Slack groups for collaboration, inspiration, and community are starting up across the board. So many great, innovative things are happening in Greenville and surrounding Upstate South Carolina; it's time we had a Slack group. Let's invite all our like-minded geeks and build a thriving online hub here for networking and ideas.
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The Rules of HackGreenville are simple:
 - Be nice: We're a community that helps one another regardless of Gender, Religion, Political Party, Programming Language, Tabs or Spaces...
 - Be considerate: Don't @channel or @here in heavily used rooms like #random and #opportunities
- Make it happen: See a need for new channel around a topic? Feel out the interest level and then just make it! (If it becomes a ghost town we might just archive it)
- Don't SPAM!: Seriously, don't do it. We're always glad to hear what community members are working on, but if you're here just to spam members about a new service or outsourcing, just don't sign up, you will be banned. This is a local community, not an advertising market (unless it made by locals who contribute to the group) *

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